Friday, October 12, 2007

Sound Engineering 12/10/2007

Today we used the imacs for the first time along with learning how to connect a microphone and headphones to the mbox. The mbox is a piece of equipment which interacts with Pro Tools in order to record sound to the computer. We also used Pro Tools for the first time. We opened a new session and recorded ourselves talking.

Instrument Tech 12/10/2007

This week we undertook an assessent in the workshop to make a cd rack. It consisted of two haunced mortice and tenon jointed pieces of timber for the legs with to paddles to hold the cds.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sound Engineering 28/09/2007

Today we had our first session of sound engineering with Paul Mulvey. We were shown how to use a 16 channel and 8 channel mixer. We set up microphones and set it up so the sound came through the monitors. We also used the different effects on the 8 channel mixer.

Instrument Tech 27/09/2007

On this day we had our first session in the workshop in which we were shown health and safety regarding the different tools which we would be using. We learned how to sharpen chisels and different blades using indian rock and a machine. We learned how to take apart a plain and reassemble it also.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I.T. 18/09/07

Today we set up and learned how to publish a blog. We have to set up a blog in order to track our progress in this brand new course in AIT.